1800 bags of sugar seized

Officials from the Kenya Sugar Board (KSB) acting on a tip on Friday sealed a warehouse in Changamwe area of Mombasa and recovered 1800 bags of sugar illegally brought into the country.

This comes after last week’s seizure of 1000 bags of smuggled Brazilian sugar by the board during a raid at a secret go down in Bondeni area of the coastal city.

Addressing the press at the go down where the 50 kg bags of sugar illegally imported from Saudi Arabia were found stocked, KSB directors Nicholas Oricho and Eng. Mohammed Mukhwana said the location was found through efforts of surveillance officers who were working undercover in the coastal region.

The directors said the importers of the contraband sugar were contravening sugar importation regulatory laws and provision.

The duo stressed that KSB will continue to seize all illegal importations no matter how often they need to do that as a board until the resources of smugglers are depleted.

The officials disclosed that KSB was monitoring the activities of sugar hoarders and profiteers across the country and warned that severe action would be taken against them.

Oricho said the impounded sugar probably shipped through the port of Mombasa, lacked the labeling of the dates of manufacture and expiry raising fears that “it’s probably not fit human consumption”.

“We called the consignee who denied that the confiscated sugar belonged to him but nonetheless we will cart away the sugar from the store where it’s surreptitiously hidden” said Oricho.

He said the board would step sugar crackdown to stem the smuggling of sugar into the country adding that most of the sugar was being smuggled through the border counties of Marsabit and Garissa by unscrupulous traders.