About KBC

Our mandate.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament CAP 221 of the laws of Kenya to undertake public services.

Our Vision

Kenya’s most reliable and trusted Broadcaster.

Our mission

To transmit objective, informative, educative and entertaining content to the public through high quality broadcasts.

Guiding Principles

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation provides the audience with innovative, high quality programmes.
The Corporation enhances development of local cultural values by facilitating the dissemination, preservation and conservation of authentically indigenous values.
The Corporation contributes to the economic, educational, cultural and social well being of Kenyans.
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation promotes the “Universal access to information for all” through provision of free to air services.
Aim and Objectives

To inform, educate and entertain the public through radio and television services and thereby propagate all that consolidates national unity, peace, love and development.

Specific Aims
Increased understanding among the people on the government development policies and strategies.
Impart knowledge on the process of effective communication with key publics
Promote an effective approach to the use of radio and television as tools for National Development.
Our Services

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation offers the following radio and television services.

Public Service Radios
National Kiswahili Service(Radio Taifa)
National English Service
Regional Eastern Service transmitting in Somali, Borana, Rendile, Burji and Turkana
Regional Central Service transmitting in Meru, Embu and Kamba
Regional Western Service transmitting in Kuria, Teso, Luhya, Suba and Pokot
Commercial Radio
Music and Entertainment, Venus FM transmitting to major urban areas of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret and Kisumu.
Coro FM transmitting to Nairobi and Mount Kenya Region on 102.3 and 99.5 MGHZ
Pwani FM transmitting to coast region on 103.1 MGHZ
Nosim FM transmitting to Narok and its environs on 90.5 MGHZ
Minto FM transmitting to Kisii and its environs on 101.7 MGHZ
Kitwek FM transmitting to Eldoret on 92.9 MGHZ and other areas on 98.0 MGHZ
Mayienga FM transmitting to Kisumu and its environs on 93.5 MGHZ
Television Services
Free to air KBC channel 1