Bill to regulate scrap metal tabled

By KBC Reporter

The Bill seeks to regulate the sector rather than banning it (File)

The government has tabled in parliament for debate the Scrap Metal Bill that will see the formation of a scrap metal council that will among others be in charge of licensing and registering scrap metal dealers in the country.

This will help contain the 4 billion shillings loss in revenue annually through illegal scrap metal sale that is in many cases vandalized from public resources such as roads.

The Bill that seeks to regulate the sector rather than banning it was introduced by leader of majority in parliament Adan Duale.

If the bill is enacted into law, scrap metal dealers will be required to among others have a physical premises in which they operate, know identity and telephone numbers of the people they are buying the scrap metal from, and be able to prove the origin of their products if need be.

The formation of the scrap metal council will also see establishment of scrap metal inspectors who will be charged with the responsibility of enforcing regulations.

According to the chief whip of the majority in parliament, Katoo ole Metito, the Kenya National highway authority spent over 120 million shillings last year in repairs of just two highways, being Mombasa Road and Thika road, hence the need for a regulation of scrap metal dealers.

Due to a lack of regulation currently anyone can sell scrap metal to any buyer without having to explain its origin, which has seen the country export more steel metal than it manufacturers.