Bogus HR practitioners put on notice


By Caroline Njenga

The Institute of Human Resource Management has warned that all unqualified Human Resource practitioners will be prosecuted if they will not have been registered by next year.

The Institute of Human Resources Management chairman Elijah Teya says streamlining the human resource management department is key in ensuring an effective and efficient work environment for all employees in the country.

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Human resource management in Kenya has generally been unstructured, characterized by unprofessionalism, corruption and nepotism.

This is despite the creation of the Institute of Human Resource Management whose main aim was to create a new efficient environment of practice in the profession. This has however not been the case.

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The Human Resource department has been flooded with unqualified human resources consultants masquerading as professionals to the detriment of unsuspecting Kenyans.

Out of the 25,000 HR professional practicing in the country, only 5000 have been registered.  All unregistered HR practitioners have been directed to get registered by next year failure to which they will attract a fine of 200,000 shillings or two years in jail.

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Human resource officers in Kenya are required to pay a mandatory fee of 4,500 shillings to practice HR in the country.

He condemned bogus recruitment agencies mushrooming in the country who are collaborating with international agencies to illegally unsuspecting export Kenyans into foreign countries.

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