Committee formed to solve conflict of sand harvesting



A committee of eight people has been formed to address issues in sand harvesting in Makueni County.

The committee will comprise of four members each from the sand transporters and the Makueni Sand Authority.

The committee was formed in a meeting chaired by Makueni Sand Authority Chairman Mr. Charles Mutuku Kioko at a Hotel in Wote town on Friday.

Those in attendance included sand authority directors and transporters of sand drawn from different SACCOs in the area.

“The committee should investigate allegations of corruption and bribery, harassment of drivers, find a way of facilitating trade in Kajiado sand industry as Makueni sand is conserved. They should also probe vandalism claims of lorries belonging to transporters,” said Kioko.

The committee unanimously agreed to compile their findings in two weeks.

The chairman said harvesting of sand from Makueni County has been banned until the sand reach levels that can allow harvesting to resume.

During the meeting, a transporter Amos Muhia claimed that the sand authority officers along Mombasa road were asking for money before releasing vehicles.

Muhia said their vehicles are impounded arbitrarily even when the sand is from Kajiado County.

The transporter said they incurred losses when vehicles are impounded.

“We as transporters are incurring losses of Sh 40,000 per day. Some of the transporters are unable to repay loans to financial institutions due to vehicles being impounded. Others have been threatened by the financial institutions that their vehicles risk being confiscated,” said Muhia.



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