Cost of fuel continues to rise


By Brenda Czeda

Kenyans will have to dig deeper into their pockets as the cost of fuel continued on an upward trend for the second month in a row.

In its latest review for the month, ERC has attributed the increase to the weighted average cost of imported refined petroleum products.

Super petrol has increased by shs 2.20 per liter while diesel will now retail at an extra cost of 1.27 shillings.

The cost of Kerosene has also gone up by 1.03 shillings per liter.

In Nairobi super petrol will cost 95.13 shillings up from 92.93 while diesel will cost 84.51 and Kerosene 62.48.

In Mombasa residents will have to part with 91.72 shillings for super petrol, 81.12 shillings for diesel and 59.64 shillings for Kerosene.

In Kisumu the cost of super petrol has increased to 97.94 up from 95.74 while diesel will now cost 86.70 and kerosene will go for 64.43 shillings.

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