Government waives AFC loans to herders

Written By: KBC Reporter


The government has waived loans offered to hundreds of herders by Agricultural Finance Corporation. 

The corporation’s Chairperson Franklin Bett termed the waiver timely, expressing optimism that the move will go a long way in enabling farmers open a new chapter in their farming endeavors.

They acquired the loans in the early 1990s with the intention of buying livestock. But their attempts to broaden their investments would later hit a dead end, after they lost their livestock to drought.

The corporation’s Chairperson Franklin Bett termed the waiver timely, but quick was to warn the herders of cartels circulating a fake register of the names of herders whose loans have been written off, especially in Narok County.

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Miles away at Githiga village in  County, drama unfolded after angry dairy farmers from the area blocked an attempt to elect their representatives to the Githunguri Dairy Farmers Board of Directors.

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The accused the area cooperatives officer of siding with the board to impose on them unpopular candidates.

Police however swiftly moved in and restored order.

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