ICT stakeholders urge CA not to inhibit online space activity

Written By: Benson Rioba

Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)
Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)

ICT stakeholders have urged the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) not to inhibit activity in the online space as it drafts a policy on Child Online Protection.

This emerged during a stakeholder’s forum on National Strategy for Child Online Protection policy that is being drafted by the CA with support from the International Telecommunication Union.

CA is keen on anchoring child online protection with a legal framework as well as training of judicial officers to build their capacity to deal with related cases.

Statistics indicate that 70 percent of those aged below 18 globally have encountered online pornography, often through a web search while doing homework.

This has been a concern for the ICT regulator that is keen to stem such.

However, even though CA initiated advocacy for child online protection a couple of years ago, this is not anchored under law.

CA has started the process of drafting a National Strategy for Child Online Protection with a two-day stakeholders meeting to get views.

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During the meeting that kicked off on Thursday, industry players urged the government to ensure the policy document does not inhibit activity in the online space.

They welcomed the drafting of the policy that they say is handy as the government rolls out digital learning in public schools that will increase internet access by learners.

Low capacity levels among some of the judicial officers has seen online child abusers get away with lightly.

The Communications Authority of Kenya is seeking to seal this loophole through a series of internet crime training for judicial officers.

Noting that online child abuse is a global challenge, stakeholders urged the government to cooperate with other international bodies to address the vice.


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