Internet in informal settlements boosts income

Written By: Nicholas Nduati


Increased internet connections to people living in informal settlements has resulted in a rise in new income generating activities with unemployed youths now able to bid for online overseas jobs such as video editing.

Andy Halsall Poa internet Chief Executive notes that through efficiency and use of technology, internet providers could make profits by tapping the underserved low income earners by subsidizing internet cost.

Though the affordability of both mobile phones and data has seen almost every village in the country enjoy some level of internet connectivity, the high cost of bandwidth options available to support internet based businesses has seen these connections limited to just social networking and basic communication.

Halsall however, by being far more efficient and leveraging on technology, internet service providers could benefit more by targeting low income earners.

In what can be termed as a privilege only for those residing in low income communities, Halsall notes that they have made it possible for one to access unlimited internet for up to an hour for just 10 shillings.

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Increased and affordable internet connections in slums has seen unemployed youths tap overseas online jobs, which generates them income.

Poa Internet plans to expand the cheap internet offer from Nairobi slums to other towns such as Eldoret and Mombasa.

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