KRA officials impound 520 bags of sugar in Mombasa


By Regina Manyara-Gitau

Officials from the Kenya Revenue Authority have impounded eight containers of contraband sugar worth 20 million shillings in a container freight station in Mombasa.

Four of the 20-foot containers had been declared as handbags and belts while the other four had been declared as lubricants.

Upon being opened, the containers were found to contain about 520 bags of sugar weighing 50kilograms each.  The cargo was marked ‘VHP sugar, product of Brazil’. 

It had a date of manufacture of August 2015 and an expiry date of August 2018.

KRA’s customs chief manager in charge of freight stations, Peter Ng’ang’a,said the sugar had been loaded in Dubai and was on transit to Uganda.

He said they suspected the sugar would eventually be dumped in the Kenyan market, a practice that has gone on for many years.

Ng’ang’a who declined to name the clearing agent for legal reasons, warned unscrupulous importers that the law would catch up with them.

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