Safaricom commands 71pc of Kenya’s mobile subscribers

Written By: Ronald Owili


Safaricom still commands 71.9 percent of the country’s total mobile subscribers which now stands at 41 million after a 1.9 percent increase.

Main rival Airtel Kenya has however suffered a slight drop to record 6.1 million subscribers between July and September this year.

The two are distantly followed by Telcom Kenya, Finserve Africa, Mobile Pay Limited and Sema Mobile Services.

The country’s largest mobile network Safaricom still controls main segments of the mobile communication from voice calls, data, SMS and mobile money.

In the voice market, the firm has withstood strong competition to record an upward growth in subscription where there were 200,000 additional subscribers who registered on the network which stood at 29.2 million in the same period last year.

Airtel Kenya however suffered a slight reduction in subscribers who dropped by 1.2% margin, from 6.17 million to 6.10 million subscriptions.

Similarly Finserve Africa which surpassed Telkom to become the third largest mobile network recorded a 2.3% increase to post 1.9 million subscriptions up from 1.8 million subscriptions reported in the previous quarter.

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Telkom, which rebranded mid this year after a takeover recorded the highest jump of 18.5% to record 3.4 million subscribers from 2.8 million subscribers reported earlier, thanks to a vigorous marketing strategy.

Mobile Pay Limited registered a slight jump to have 88,853 subscriptions while Sema Mobile Services subscriptions remain unchanged at 263. It is now a wait-and-see on what the entry of Faiba Mobile in the second quarter will have on the market structure especially on data.

Similarly, during the quarter under review, 352.4 million mobile commerce transactions were made with Kshs 714.3 billion spent in buying goods and services.

The person to person transfers amounted toKshs. 544.1 billion. In the period, digital broadcasting signal covered 83.6 percent of the Kenyan population as at the end of the period under review up from 78.5 percent reported as at 30th June 2017.

This is attributed to signal rollout by ADNL in Kilifi, Tana River, Taita and SIGNET in Marsabit and Maralal sites.

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