Stakeholders call for increased funding to agriculture sector

Written By: Benson Rioba

African states have been urged to invest in market information systems to assist farmers’ access ready markets for their produce.

Agriculture stakeholders are calling for the synchronization of both the national and county governments’ agricultural operations to facilitate smooth implementation of the National Agricultural Policies.

The stakeholders reckon Kenya’s food insecurity can be addressed with increased funding to the agriculture sector as well as proper co-ordination between the national and county governments.

Kenya has been on a long path to achieving food security having put in place various measures like adoption of irrigation and mechanized agriculture.

The country has drafted several policy documents to aid in this path, including the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy, the National Horticulture Policy, the Fisheries Policy, and the National Livestock Policy, among others.

Stakeholders now say insufficient synchronization between the National and County governments has delayed the full implementation of these policies.

According to stakeholders in the sector, delayed implementation of these policies has resulted to food insecurity and a breakdown in provision of services such as agricultural extension services.

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This they say can be solved by creation of a master plan that will clearly define both the national and county governments’ roles in growing the sector.

They have also raised concern over the low funding to the agriculture sector as compared to other sectors of the economy.

They are calling for availing of more agriculture research data as well as the dissemination of credible and useful information to farmers.


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