Castro’s Man Cave review- Because salons are for girls

Written By: Victor Muyakane, Photos by Jackson Mnyamwezi

man cave

The first thing you notice when you get off the lift on the third floor of Ruaka Center will not be Castro’s Man Cave. And that is a good thing, because when you notice it a few heartbeats later, when the subtle yet unconventional decor hits you, it quickly becomes the only thing you remember.

man cave

man cave

That styling is something owner Nick Thairu says is deliberate and was meant to have the exact response. Understandably, he is rather proud of it.

“ this is a place just for the men. Men don’t like over the top, flashy styling” He says.

So the IT expert came up with something he thinks men want.

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“Industrial, minimalist and manly.” he quips, proudly taking in the establishment.

man cave

“ Growing up, having a  shave was a different thing. There was a sense of community at the local barbershop that I went to with my dad, these days no one cares about designing a place catering to men.”

man cave

Two chairs shoved in a corner of a ladies salon is what Nick is griping about. Something to be endured as quickly as possible and not enjoyed, he says.

man cave
Castro’s Man Cave slogan

As you come in, plush couches and big smiles welcome you.

man cave

The couches bracket a lounge like setting with a massive LED TV hooked up to HD satellite TV and a top of the range Sony PlayStation loaded with enough high-res games to make a cabbage out of any otherwise industrious man.


The big smiles are another matter entirely. Man Cave is staffed by a bevy of lovely ladies, themselves expert beauticians, for that extra pampering and two ‘cutsmen’.

man cave

Kairu’s hiring policy is to get dedicated and competent people with good people people skills because above all, he says, it is the service industry.

man cave

He tapped into the growing trend of the heterosexual man to design what he calls a space for the modern man.

man cave
Owner Nick Thairu chats with a client

Grace Wangui is The Man Cave’s resident facial expert, and she advised against a common mistake that many make after having a facial.

“Many people touch their faces with unsanitised hands, pinching pimples and whatnot. the skin on your face is very sensitive. If you have to touch yourself, wash first.”

man cave

Sophia Wairimu, the Pedicure expert advises against home made or Do-it-yourself pedicures and the risk of injury is high, let alone the quality of the job.

man cave

“Cutsman’ Steve Njue, with six years experience believes in giving the customer what he wants, but with a bit of diplomatic advice given over what style would work best.

The resident ‘locs’ guy, a tall, slender fellow with a ready smile has just laid finishing touches to a client, who walks away beaming with satisfaction.

Man cave

Maureen, the client, describes the ambience and the service as the biggest pluses for Castro’s Man Cave. It doesn’t bother her that the place is called Man Cave and she’s obviously not a man.

man cave

After a shave complete with the well appreciated after shave treatment, all you can say is major kudos to Nick Thairu and Castro’s Man Cave for a job well done.

With a growing demand for the freshly launched spot, only two shaving points and two ‘cutsmen’ means a somewhat longish waiting time, but the groove-laden music subtly leaking from the speakers, the decor and the PlayStation or Satellite TV should keep you occupied as you wait. If that isn’t enough, the eye candy should help.. If not then maybe the free high-speed WIFI should more than suffice.If not, you have issues.

However, the observation still remains, as word of mouth continues to spread about the place, the trend conscious clientele are expected to troop in in hordes. How to handle the increased traffic appears to be Nick’s newest headache. As far as headaches go, though, this isn’t so bad. He’s not worried in any case.

“I got plans…” he says mysteriously.

If you happen to be in that neck of the woods, then the honest advice is that dropping by on Nick at the Cave is not such a bad idea.



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