Committee wants KETRACO to finance police posts

By KBC Reporter

The 221 KV power project was done at a cost of 9 billion shillings

The Parliamentary Committee on Energy wants the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company-Ketraco to finance the setting up of police posts at its key substations to deter vandals who disrupt electricity supply.

Members of the committee who were at the coast to inspect the 221 KV Rabai and Pakuyuni power project said the project would help in the transfer of electricity thus reduce power outages.

The 221 KV power project was done at a cost of 9 billion shillings.

The project aims at addressing power outages in the country by helping transfer electricity from areas of generation to the national grid for supply to domestic users as well as commercial ones.

Members of the parliamentary committee on energy who toured the Kakuyuni Substation termed the work as satisfactory.

According to the Committee Chairman Jamleck Kamau, the Ketraco should set up police stations at the substations to deter vandals from targeting the electricity infrastructure that could result in power outages.

Ketraco said it is in the process of compensating residents affected by the project.