Conjoined twins die at KNH

The twins died due to persistent cardiac distress

By Winnie Kiziah

The Conjoined twins that were under the care of pediatricians at the Kenyatta National Hospital have died.

The Hospital announced the death of the twins on their Facebook page, which occurred this morning at 1.05am. “The doctors, nurses and the entire medical team offered the best care available but under the circumstances we unfortunately lost the twins due to persistent cardiac distress” announced the hospital.

On Friday, pediatricians  said the babies shared vital organs and needed more time before the hospital could determine whether to separate them or not.

The Siamese twins were delivered at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru and have been undergoing extensive tests since Monday when they were transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

They shared a heart, sexual organs, liver, kidneys, colon and bladder. They also shared a rib cage, had three hands, two separate heads and two legs.