Court drops hate speech charges against Kabogo


By KBC Reporter

Kiambu county governor William Kabogo can now breath a sigh of relief after the court dropped hate speech charges against him for lack of sufficient evidence.

In her ruling, trial magistrate Martha Mutuku said the prosecution was unable to establish that Kabogo uttered words that are likely to cause violence in the country.

The Governor allegedly issued a statement meant to incite feelings of hatred against communities that do not embrace male circumcision.

He said in Kiswahili: “Basi nyinyi watu wa magazeti mwambie Raila aache upuzi, aache nini? Sisi hatutaki upuzi.

He was speaking at Thika Stadium.

Mutuku faulted the prosecution for only relying on video clips by media houses which recorded the governor noting that the clips might have been edited for some ends.

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