EACC: Bribery most common in counties


By Ronclif Odit

Bribery has been cited as the most common form of corruption in counties.

In a report released by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission-EACC on corruption and ethics within the county governments; bribery, favoritism, nepotism and embezzlement of funds remain the most prevalent form of corruption in counties.

The report, christened Corruption and Ethics in Devolved Services: County Public Officers’ Experiences of 2015 was done between April and June of 2015 and covered 39 counties with 20 percent of those interviewed saying counties are highly corrupt, 36 percent terming counties as moderately corrupt while 35 percent said they are lowly corrupt.

The report will act as a baseline for designing county anti-corruption strategies to promote good governance.

EACC CEO Halakhe Waqo handed over the report to devolution Principal Secretary Mwanamaka Mabruki and urged her to ensure it is relayed to the counties for implementation.

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