Govt committed to closing the chapter of IDPs: Ruto



Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday took Jubilee campaigns to Nyamira and Kisii Counties, assuring residents that the Government will review the list of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the region with a view to compensating them.

Mr Ruto said no one who deserves to be paid will be left out of the compensation list, saying the provincial administration was working with leaders to ensuring all genuine IDPs received their dues.

Addressing rallies in Ekerenyo, Manga, Nyabiore and Nyamwera grounds in Nyamira and Kisii Counties respectively, Mr Ruto said the Government was committed to closing the chapter of IDPs after all those affected are compensated.

“We are doing everything possible even if it means increasing the money to make sure that all IDPs in this region are paid. We want to close this chapter once and for all,” said Mr Ruto.

Mr Ruto also said Kenyans have a right to live anywhere in the country. “The government assures all that every Kenyan wherever they are will be protected including their property and businesses.”

He said those calling for eviction of alleged foreigners in some areas were leaders with nothing to sell to Kenyans as they seek votes.

The Deputy President was accompanied by National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale and MPs Chris Obure (Kisii), Richard Tongi (Nyaribari Chache) former MPs Water Nyambati, Joseph Kiangoi and Kisii Senatorial aspirant Charles Nyachae.

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Mr Ruto said the Government has put in place proper security measures to ensure Kenyans enjoyed peace during and after the August polls.

“Our commitment as Jubilee is to ensure Kenyans in any part of this country go about their normal business during and after the August elections without any fear,” said Mr Ruto.

Mr Ruto urged the Abagusii residents not to gamble with their votes by supporting candidates who were destined to lose the August elections.

“You all know very well that no one goes to the ballot with the intention of voting for candidates who end up being in the Opposition. This is why I want you to make informed decisions and support Jubilee because it will win the August polls,” said Mr Ruto.

He said those in Opposition were not ready for the August General Election and that’s why they were rushing to the courts to undermine and detail the work of IEBC.

The Deputy President maintained that Jubilee would not be part of the process by IEBC to engage in consultation meetings over the printing of ballot papers tender.

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Mr Ruto told the Abagusii and Kenyans in general that it is only Jubilee Party that has the capacity to solve the challenges facing Kenyans.

“Jubilee was able to connect electricity to 61,000 households up from 13,000 households in 2013 in Nyamira County in just four years alone while 180 kilometer of roads are being tarmacked. This is something that was not done by four previous governments in 70 years,” said Mr Ruto.

“But even from the look of things, do you think Opposition leaders who have been engaging in politics of Kitendawili (riddles) and falsehoods will beat Jubilee that has been focusing its attention on service delivery?” Asked Mr Ruto to an applause.

The Deputy President told voters in the region to switch their political allegiance from the Opposition and support Jubilee, which he said has the interest of the people of Abagusii going by development projects it has initiated in the area for the last four years.

“Sometimes you need to ask yourselves a simple question: what have we gained from supporting the Opposition? Have we changed our living standards when some leaders were in government or not? This will help you make informed choices in August,” said Mr Ruto.

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Mr Duale told the chairman of IEBC Mr Wafula Chebukati that what Kenyans wanted was to have ballot papers come August 8.

“What I want to tell the chairman of IEBC that Kenyans don’t care whether he appeals the decision by the High Court on ballot papers tender in the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court but want to have ballot papers in August 8 to take part in their Constitutional process of electing leaders of their choice,” said Mr Duale.

He said leaders should sell their agenda to Kenyans instead of engaging in tribal politics ahead of the August polls.

Mr Duale assured the National Super Alliance (Nasa) supporters that their leaders would be given good pension after losing the August elections.

Mr Obure said the Abagusii community would not be misled to support Nasa leaders who have no agenda for the region and the country at large.

“Our people are now more enlightened than before and will not be misled to support those who will definitely lose come the August elections,” said Mr Obure.

Mr Nyambati urged voters in the area to turn out in large numbers and support Jubilee Party, which he said has focused leaders who are commitment to addressing challenges facing them.


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