IEBC dismisses fears verification exercise can reveal HIV status


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By John Kioria

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has allayed fears of an advance rigging plot through the ongoing voter verification exercise.

The Electoral body has also dismissed fears that the verification exercise can reveal a person’s HIV status.

These coupled with fears that a voter’s biometric details can be shared with security agencies are some of the hitches IEBC reports are hampering the exercise scheduled to end on the 9th of June.

IEBC affirms that once your details are confirmed through verification, the details do not get erased but are rather stored for the purposes of the election.

It is calling on Kenyans to shun rumors and turn out in their numbers to verify their registration as voters.

In the event a voter finds their particulars missing or incorrect, a claim form availed by the verification clerks is filled to be forwarded to the constituency registration officer who will then carry out a background search to determine if a claim is genuine.

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IEBC subsequently updates the details and the registration officer will inform the voter of the rectification through the contact details provided in the claim form.

However the commission insists that the voter verification exercise is not perfect hence the need to for continued auditing of the register by KPMG.


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