Mombasa County senior police arrested by EACC detectives

Written By: Roncliffe Odit

A Senior police officer in Mombasa County is in custody after being arrested by Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) detectives for allegedly soliciting for a bribe.

Kiembeni Deputy OCS John Shikondi was apprehended while receiving 8,000 shillings allegedly to facilitate the release of a suspect from custody.

The EACC detectives are said to have received a complaint from a resident in the area that the officer was requesting for 10,000 shillings before releasing a member of a local community-based organization who was being held by the police for unknown reasons.

It is then that the EACC cops set a trap and arrested Shikondi after he allegedly received 8,000 shillings as bribe at a local joint in Kiembeni.

EACC Mombasa boss Ali Salat who led the operation urged officers to resist from soliciting bribes from members of the public, and instead work diligently.

Shikondi who was detained at Port Police Station will be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

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