Public to give views in regard to how capital offenders are handled

hands of a prisoner on prison bars

By Franco Kundu

Members of the public are on Monday expected to give their views on the administration of capital punishment and management of capital offences in five counties within the former Nyanza province.

The Power of Mercy and Advisory Committee and National Crime Research Centre (PMAC) officials will be leading the debate to seek views from churches, youth, women, local leaders and members of the public on the subject for two weeks.

According to PMAC Secretary General Michael Kagika officials from the two institutions will be in Kisii, Nyamira, Siaya, Migori, Homabay and Kisumu counties.

Kagika said the objective is to provide dialogue on what Kenyans want in regard to how capital offenders are handled.

He also said the debate which comes after the conclusion of the 6th World Congress against the death penalty in Oslo, Norway will provide a platform for Kenyans to express themselves on capital offences while proposing the form of punishment capital offenders should be subjected to.

Kenya has 118 penal institutions with a holding capacity of 26,000 inmates but the prisoners’ population stands at 52,517, 32,300 are convicts while 20,217 are remandees.

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