Youth Fund could have lost Sh180m in tender


By Kevin Wachira

The Youth Enterprise Fund could have lost 180 million shillings in a fictitious tender.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Public Investment Committee the Managing Director of Quondurum Limited who was single sourced for a computer upgrading tender by the fund Mukuria Ngamau could not provide proof that he undertook any works.

Ngamau claimed he acquired the tender through suspended chief executive officer of the fund, Catherine Namuye.

Ngamau had a hard time proving to MPs the project was completed despite having been paid two months after signing the contract.

The computer program worth 180 Million shillings that Ngamau claims to have implemented ought to have restructured and upgraded loan monitoring and recovery systems at the Youth Fund.

The Mps also questioned the documents he provided to support his case saying they could not match his narrative of a constitutional tender.

The committee’s intent was to establish whether procurement laws were followed during the awarding of tender.

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