Court reverses orders to hold Cord leaders liable for chaos

By Mary Daraja/Dzuya Walter

The High Court has suspended for 24 hours consent orders which were to hold CORD leadership liable for any damage arising from Monday’s Saba Saba rally.

CORD coalition filed an urgent case this morning to reverse an order issued last Friday by Judge Lenaola, blocking mass action and holding leaders personally liable for chaos that may be fuelled by the rally at Uhuru Park grounds.

Through their lawyers, the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy cites the ruling as unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, there is heavy police presence in the Nairobi Business District ahead of Monday’s SabaSaba rally at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park.

Most business premises remained closed despite reassurance from the police of no violence during the rally.

Earlier, police were forced to lob tear gas at some youths throwing stones at them after refusing to be frisked before getting into Uhuru Park.


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  1. francis tsuma
    July 07, 2014

    It seems the judges contradict each other but justice has been done so far.that is why kenya have lost trust in judiciary.