UhuRuto urges Kenyans to rally behind Jubilee


President Uhuru Kenyatta says there is no doubt that he will win the August 8 election and urged residents of Busia County to rally behind him.

The President said his Administration enjoys popularity in all corners of the country because it has delivered for Kenyans unlike the leading figures in the opposition who have nothing to show for all their years in government.

He urged voters in Busia County to vote for Jubilee candidates so that the Government can have the right crop of leaders who will work selflessly for the people.

“We will form the next government and we want you to join us. On August 8 there will be no storytelling. Come and join us to form the next government,” said the President.

The President, was speaking at Adungosi, Busia County, said the leaders in the opposition were trying to hoodwink their followers with false promises of change.

“They are coming around telling people they will bring change. What change are they talking about when they have never done anything for Kenyans for many years they were in government,” said the President.

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He asked residents to question what the leading opposition figures, who were in government for many decades and held senior positions, have done for them.

“If they cared about Kenyans and wanted change, they would have brought that change when they were running government,” said the President.

The President said the leading figures in the opposition were “the real KANU orphans” even though they like throwing around the term to describe Jubilee leaders.

“If anything I would be an orphan of (former President Daniel) Moi because he taught me politics.  They are the real KANU orphans because they worked in KANU for so long,” said the President.

He said someone like Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka served under KANU for 35 years while Musalia Mudavadi served as a KANU cabinet minister from the day he left university until when the ruling party lost power.

“No you are the KANU orphans,” said the President amid cheers from residents of Adungosi.

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The President also cautioned opposition candidate Raila Odinga against constant attacks and threats targeting government officials as well as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

“You are looking for a big seat. Leave the junior government officials to do their work,” said the President.

He said the opposition leader should stop politicizing the work of Kenya’s security forces because they have a duty to protect every Kenyan.

“Now he is even talkng of the KDF.  Sometime earlier it was the police. Our security forces are protecting  everyone. You (Raila) are also being protected by the police,” said the President.

The rally was addressed by local Jubilee leaders. Teso South MP Mary Emaase said Jubilee will win majority of the votes in the area.

The President had earlier visited West Pokot and Laikipia Counties. In West Pokot President Kenyatta challenged the opposition to go to the grassroots and ask for votes instead of wasting their energies fighting court battles to resist the August election.

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He said the constant claims of rigging by the opposition was part of their plans to cause confusion because they are not ready for elections.

In Laikipia County, the President said the Jubilee Administration had made great strides in the four years it has been in power in terms of development and solving problems Kenyans faced.

He said the Government has shown its commitment to solving the land question in Kenya by issuing more than 3.5 million title deeds within a span of found years.


Reporting by PSCU/Editing by Margaret Kalekye

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