Eyewitness sunglasses demystified: The Oakley Thump

    Written By: Claire Wanja

    The Good Music player built into sunglasses for cordless listening; plays MP3, AAC, WMA, WMA DRM, and WAV tracks; up to 1GB of storage; multihinged earbuds allow for a perfect fit with most users; USB 2.0 connection.

    Dennis Muigai Ngengi has become the mysterious eyewitness who has been seen on live media coverage of fatal accident scenes.

    Many have been asking whether it’s by coincidence that Ngengi is the same person who witnessed the helicopter crash in Lake Nakuru that killed five people and the Murang’a accident where Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru died.

    Just yesterday (Sunday), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations says it is holding one, Denis Muigai Ngengi said to have been arrested in Ruiru, Kiambu County, on Thursday.

    A statement signed by the Principal Criminal Registrar P. Ndunda, said after forensic analysis, the suspect has eight previous convictions among them stealing, giving false information, assault, malicious damage and impersonation under different names.

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    Ndunda said results of trial of all the eight criminal records have not been given but an immediate signal has been sent to previous stations where his records are, under the different names.

    He added that the current name he is using, Denis Muigai Ngengi, appears to be newly acquired impersonation name amongst many he calls himself.

    While that may be the case for now, Kenyans on social media had started a challenge following the appearance of a ‘mysterious eyewitness.

    Under the #EyewitnessChallenge Kenyans shared pictures of their best impressions of Ngengi.

    Let’s talk about his sunglasses

    The Oakley Thump

    Oakley is a company that sells a large selection of sunglasses for various uses, such as sports or recreation. One of the company’s products is Oakley Thumps.

    The Oakley Thump introduced in 2004 are sunglasses that contain an MP3 player, in a 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 GB version.

    The Oakley Thump is the first audio player built into sunglasses. They feature flip up lenses for indoor use.

    The first generation include the colors matte black, Rootbeer, Tortoise, and White Camo. Color choices vary depending on whether you choose the 128MB or 256MB model; the latter has the bonus of polarized lenses.

    Adding music to the Thump is done via the drag-and-drop method unless you use a program like Musicmatch or Windows Media Player, though no such software is included. The Thump features a USB 2.0 interface.

    The Thump is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery that recharges via the USB.

    According to Oakley, the first gen THUMP battery is good for about 6 hours between charges.

    The thump range uses two types of Li-ion battery the original battery was 120mAh which was later upgraded to a larger capacity 150mAh The Thump 2’s were supplied with a slightly larger in size battery having the same 150mAh capacity.

    Oakley or Motorola does not offer any battery replacement or repair service for the Oakley Electronics range.

    How to Troubleshoot Oakley Thumps

    Because of the variety of complex mechanisms involved in making Oakley Thump sunglasses work properly, you may at some point need to do some troubleshooting.

    Hold down the “Play/Pause” button for several seconds to power up your Oakley Thumps. If you’re having trouble getting the sunglasses to turn on, you may not be holding the button for long enough.

    Look at the volume setting on your Oakley Thumps. If you cannot hear music, your volume may be set too low. Note that the volume may need to be adjusted for each song, since the level depends on the quality of the original music file.

    Rest your Oakley Thumps. This can help fix many of the problems you may encounter while operating the sunglasses. Press the “Play/Pause” and “Previous Song/Rewind” buttons at the same time and hold them for several seconds to reset.

    Charge up your Oakley Thumps. If the sunglasses are not charged, you may have trouble hearing music. Use the wall charger that came with the sunglasses. Allow the Oakley Thumps to charge for three hours or until the indicator light stops blinking.

    Check your original music files if your Oakley Thumps won’t play music. Plug your Oakley Thumps into your computer using the USB cable that came with the sunglasses. Then, open the Oakley Thumps memory folder. All of the music files should be in MP3, WAV or WMA format.

    Then we have Oakley THUMP 2

    The Oakley Thump 2 offers UV and blue-light protection. Thump 2 incorporates a flash-based player into the frame of a pair of sunglasses for cordless on-the-go listening.

    Picking up where the original THUMP left off, quardupling the memory for the same price as the original, 1GB for $299. The Thump 2 also comes in other sizes: 256MB, available in brown with bronze and gunmetal, as well as black with grey and gunmetal; and 512MB, presented in black with black iridium and chrome, in addition to white with black iridium and chrome. The Thump 2 earbuds use a multihinged system that lets you where you want.

    It comes with no proprietary software. To transfer file to the thump, the user plugs it into your Windows or Mac OS computer with the included USB 2.0 cord, then drag over AAC, MP3, WMA, or WAV tracks. It works with WMA DRM content but not AAC DRM (songs from the iTunes Music Store). Songs can be added to folders or as one long list. The Thump will sort correctly tagged songs by artist during playback.

    The Thump remembers your place when listening and doesn’t start each new session at the beginning of the song list.

    The Thump 2’s lenses don’t flip up like the original Thump’s, so you can’t wear them over your prescription frames.

    Thump 2 Manual_A – Oakley 

    Oakley Thump Pro 1

    • O Matter Plastic frame
    • Oakley Plutonite polycarbonate lens
    • 100% UV protection coating
    • Lens width: 60 millimeters
    • Lens height: 35 millimeters
    • Bridge: 15 millimeters
    • Arm: 145 millimeters
    • 05-173
    • black frame
    • Black Iridium lenses
    • 1 GB

    If headphone cords are the bane of your existence and you listen to a lot of music outside, then slip on these sporty shades and get Thumping.

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