Fears rife in Lamu over possible attacks

By Anthony Kaikai

The elite squad was deployed in the area to hunt down the militia (FILE)

Fears of a possible attack remain rife in Jima Village in Lamu County after suspected militias ventured into the area demanding to know the operations of the elite police unit that was recently deployed in the area before descending on a maize plantation and disappearing with the loot.

The incident happened just hours before a truck transporting relief supplies was seized by gunmen at Milihoi area.

According to the residents, the attackers were demanding to know the location and operations of the Kenya security forces that were deployed in the region following a series of attacks that has so far claimed over 80 lives.

The elite squad was deployed in the area to hunt down the militia.

And after gathering enough data, the attackers descended on a three acre maize plantation before fleeing with their loot into the nearby forest.

Residents are now living in fear with many seeking refuge for fear of fresh attacks.

The driver of the truck and other occupants however managed to escape and reported the matter to the Mpeketoni Police station.

A team of armed officers were immediately deployed to pursue the carjackers.

Security surveillance has however been intensified with the deployment of a special force to reinforce other contingents of security personnel in the region that has remained troubled for a month.

The government last week deployed an elite special force to Boni Forest to flush out heavily armed militias believed to be behind a series of attacks in Lamu county that have so far claimed more than  80 lives.

The deployment comes in the wake of the latest attack against Panda Nguo village where houses, a hospital and a school were set ablaze.

The armed forces are combing the dense Boni forest where heavily armed assailants are believed to be hiding.