Fifa can take action over Robben dive


Arjen Robben could face retrospective punishment from Fifa after the Netherlands winger admitted diving in their 2-1  Worlcup win over Mexico.

The 30-year-old said he did not cheat to win a decisive injury-time penalty but told Dutch TV: “I apologise. In the first half I took a dive.”

Furious Mexico coach Miguel Herrera accused Robben of diving three times.

Fifa, world football’s governing body, states it can “sanction those who violate the principles of fair play”.

That section of article 57 of Fifa’s regulations comes into play after Robben admitted his guilt.

Meanwhile, article 77 gives Fifa’s disciplinary committee responsibility for “sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention” and “rectifying obvious errors in the referee’s disciplinary decisions”.

In February, Fifa president Sepp Blatter called for retrospective action on players who dive, fake injuries and time waste.

He wrote in the organisation’s monthly magazine: “Video evidence can be used for serious breaches of the principle of fair play such as brawling, spitting at opponents, verbal insults and racist slurs, or for incorrectly awarded red or yellow cards. In cases such as these we must make use of the avenues already open to us and intervene after the event if necessary.

‘In this context, we should include the faking of injury, intentional diving or time-wasting in our considerations.”

Blatter expressed disappointment that existing bodies were not using the rules to take retrospective action.

In 2012 Fifa vice president Jim Boyce said that diving was becoming “a little bit of a cancer in the game”.

Mr Boyce declined to comment when contacted by BBC Sport.

The Dutch FA, KNVB, have released a statement claiming Robben’s comments were misinterpreted by the media and that he actually said he “fell too easily”.

Robben is due to comment at a news conference later on Monday.


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  1. Samanta
    July 03, 2014

    I say FIFA should act, I mean it’s not fair what Robben did I mean it’s not like his first time doing this, there are others videos were it shows him diving, I mean yes there was contact but not like so he can fall so dramatic like if he was pushed which he was not so my point is that it’s not fair that FIFA is allowing this I mean if he did this during the World Cup then his going to do it again,again, and again just to get attention from the referees, and plus the referees weren’t fair at all, in my opinion and in others out there I say Mexico should get a second chance I mean because it’s not fair how they give Robben a penalty for something that wasn’t so big like if he was injured, I just hope FIFA takes action and does something because what they are doing is not showing good examples to soccer plus in the FIFA book does is not say you are not allowed to dive. I’m just saying it’s not fair what FIFA doing!!