Hotel industry to create 136,000 new jobs

By Daisy Oloo

An estimated 136,000 new jobs are expected to be created in Africa this year and will more than double by the year 2016 within the hotel sector.

Based on the current signed contracts from international and regional brands as well as non branded developments to come, W Hospitality Group says the hotel sector is expected to provide the much needed relief for the unemployed population in Africa.

According to a research conducted by W Hospitality Group, one of the founding members of Hotel Partners Africa, employment in the hotel sector in Africa is set to grow substantially in the coming years.

However, like in any other industry, the growth in demand for hotel workers varies substantially from country to country.

Five North African countries are in the top 10 with Nigeria leading the way in Sub Saharan Africa.

The hotel sector is expected to create 53,000 jobs in Nigeria.

It is followed by Ghana with 11,000, Angola with 9,000, Ethiopia with 8,800 and Uganda with 8,500.

The employment market place will be characterized by the recruitment of large numbers of junior people and rapid promotions for the most able individuals.

There is also likely to be an influx of top management from abroad, a war for talented middle management and substantial investment in training programs.

W Hospitality Group estimates that companies leading the way in recruitment would be Hilton Worldwide which would need 10,000 new workers, Accor for 6,000, Carlson Rezidor for 5,500 and Starwood and Marriott for 4,000 each.

It says a luxury hotel will typically employ 2 people per room, an upscale hotel will need 1.2 people per room, a mid-scale hotel will employ 1 person per room and a budget hotel will hire fewer than 1 person per room.