Intex/Synohydro wins tender to maintain Thika Superhighway

By Micheal Gichuki

The government has contracted a firm tasked with ensuring the smooth flow of traffic on the Thika Superhighway.

The firm, a consortium of a local and a Chinese firm would ensure that the road is well maintained, vehicles involved in an accident are towed off road, the injured transferred to hospitals and vandalized rail guards as well as streetlights are repaired in the shortest time possible.

Costs accruing from these would be paid by the Kenya National Highways Authority.

The joint venture between Intex and Synohydro are expected to maintain Thika Highway after numerous cases of vandalism costing in excess of over half a billion shillings annually.

Kenya National Highway Authority maintenance Manager George Kiiru says they contracted the firm to ensure smooth flow of traffic and well as timely repairs and maintenance of the road.

Under the deal, highway patrol cars and Ambulance vehicles would be introduced to respond to any incidents by towing away cars involved in accidents and transferring victims to hospitals all paid for by the Kenya National Highways Authority.

Under the deal, the contractor is expected to immediately address and solve any issues then bill the Kenya National Highways Authority.

The contractor is expected to liaise with KENHA in the event that there is an emergency situation leading to traffic disruptions.