KAM to counties: Embrace lean manufacturing principles

By KBC Reporter

KAM Chief Executive Betty Maina (File)

The Kenya Association of Manufactures is calling on county governments to embrace lean manufacturing principles and add value to their expenditure.

This is line with the Association’s desire to have the country adopt the Kaizen culture which is centered on flow that improves business process all round resulting in elimination of waste.

A majority of projects in Kenya fail to be completed or take too long to be established due to a number of inefficiencies.

Key among them is the wastage of funds that could lead to uncalled for additional funds, largely proving inefficient expenditure.

During this year’s Kenya Association of Manufacturers Kaizen Conference, Bidco Oil refineries CEO Vimal Shah stated that if lean manufacturing is properly embraced in the country, companies bottom line could improve thereby eliminating obstacles to flow and removal of waste.

He said 15% of the National Budget has been allocated to counties however, the question that beckons is how it is spent.

He said “40% of the uncompetitiveness we experience is from the external environment which includes various regulations, taxes, cost of energy etc. However what we fail to realize is that the larger 60% of uncompetitiveness is from within the organization. Competitiveness is a journey that goes on. It never ends and Kenya has the potential to provide a platform to achieve this.”

KAM Chief Executive Betty Maina reiterated on removal of obstacles in the flow to have an effective supply chain.