Kenyans pessimistic about 2014

By Samson Kitavi

Nearly half of Kenyans (49%) have expectations that security will be better in 2014 (FILE)

Kenyans are more worried over the cost of living  and economic conditions in 2014 than anything else.

The latest survey  released Monday by the Ipsos Kenya indicates that 70% and 60% of Kenyans respectively expect the cost of living and economic conditions to worsen next year.

The survey was conducted in November 2013, with a sample of 1,619 respondents. Kenyans interviewed expressed concern over the high cost of essential goods and services which they say were above the reach of ordinary citizens.

“Inflation and the high cost of living are making Kenyans downbeat. Although the economy has grown at a macro level, the benefits of this growth have not trickled down to the ordinary mwananchi. The VAT Act 2013 has seen increase in the cost of many household goods and it is still an enormous challenge for Kenyans to meet their daily basic needs” says Margaret Ireri, Managing Director, Ipsos Kenya.

The government introduced and implemented the VAT Act 2013 which has seen an increase in the cost of many household goods.

In regards to employment, the number of those who feel the situation will improve has declined from 61% from last year to a low of 40%. Nearly half of Kenyans at 49% have expectations that security will be improve in 2014 compared to 2013.

A third, that is 33%, expects that it will be worse. And the recent introduction of ‘nyumba kumi’ initiative might give an impetus to this. The survey was done in November this year and involved 1,619 respondents countrywide.