Kenyans urged to submit complaints on police recruitment irregularities

By John Kioria

The national police service commission is calling  on members of the public to volunteer information on possible irregularities  during Monday’s police recruitment exercise.

Commission’s chair Johnstone Kavuludi says members of the public have a seven day window to forward their complaints even as the commission moves to audit all recruitment centers.

Kavuludi says those found to have violated recruitment procedures will have their results cancelled while successful candidates will undergo thorough vetting to ascertain their suitability before joining respective training colleges.

It is an exercise that has attracted controversy, a process that was meant to have an additional 10,000 police officers join the service as the government moves to improve citizen to police ratio in the face of increased criminality.

Barely three days after the exercise was conducted, a section of Tigania residents held demonstrations demanding a repeat of the exercise claiming that it was marred by irregularities.

Claims that were repeated  in Transmara where residents called for a repeat of the exercise alleging discrimination.

But it was not all condemnation however with members of the public from Laikipia North district terming the exercise transparent.

And as the debate continues, the National Police Service Commission wants Kenyans to submit their complaints within the next seven days.

Commission’s chair Johnstone Kavuludi says stern action will be taken against anyone found culpable  with the  new recruits scheduled to undergo a thorough  vetting process to ascertain the authenticity of their certificates and suitability, even before they are admitted to the respective police training colleges.


    July 17, 2014

    It wasn’t free and fair in bureti sub-county

  2. Ekori Albert
    July 17, 2014

    Surely the recruitment has recorded out alot of irregularities in loiyangalani sub county(MARSABIT) the exercise was corrupted.Those who bribed are the ones who were taken despite of poor kcse performance(D-) and age just a few to mention.Thats why insecurity cases are becoming a threat to kenyans its because we residue the good ones due to corruption and take those who do not must be repeated to save kenya

  3. July 19, 2014

    Mal practises was in evry where even in my sub-county (Londiani) in kericho county there was alot of fevourism and corruption,coz i have a friend who went upto medical and passed all the test but he was disqulified bcoz he did not raise enough money for bribery and the highest bidder was taken and again candidates with lamminated certificates were disqulified bt there a those who wa taken

  4. mavuli kinyaika
    July 22, 2014

    Kenyans, lets not see all police officers as corrupt beings. There are some who fear GOD and do thingsright. As we point our fingers at them we should check our selves. Some rich men will make noise when children of the poor are recruited for they think being in that state they should enjoy all the previledges in this planet.Get to know, The rich and the poor have one thing in common GOD is their maker all. In mwingi East General police was ok.