KNUT wants Ministry to appoint commissioners to TSC

By KBC Reporter

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion says TSC as currently constituted cannot oversee on teachers matters (FILE)

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has issued a seven days ultimatum to the Ministry of Education to appoint six commissioners to the Teachers Service commission or it calls for a strike.

The union’s Secretary General Wilson Sossion says TSC as currently constituted cannot superintend on teachers matters blaming the current teachers shortage and underfunding of the commission to boardroom quorum hitch.

The stage is now set for a brawl between KNUT officials and the National education board chairperson Erustus Kiugu, following his letter to the Education Cabinet Secretary, the chair of the National Transition Authority and the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution, calling for  a meeting to discuss TSC matters.

Sossion claims the letter is a conspiracy by some quarters in the sector, to sabotage the teachers’ service commission citing the slashing of the sector’s budget as part of the scheme.

He has warned cs Jacob Kaimenyi to tread carefully on issues related to TSC saying should the ministry fail to fill the vacant vacancies in TSC, teachers will have to down their tolls in the next seven days.

The union lauded the move by the government to have schools release withheld certificates saying the money to settle the fees arrears of the poor students be availed to the affected schools  to avert slumping the  institutions into financial crisis.

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  1. Titus
    July 16, 2014

    Tsc must be properly conistituted as per the law and our Boss must be listened to.