KPR surrender more guns in Lamu

Kenya Police Reservist


This brings to 18, the number of weapons surrendered after eight more were surrendered on Sunday.

The KPR said they returned their guns to police for fear of being harmed or killed by militants operating in the area.

They said they have been receiving reports and threats of attacks targeting them because they are armed.

Police in Lamu and at the Kiunga station confirmed 18 guns and 2000 bullets had been surrendered, and that they were expecting at least 30 more.


On Monday, military and police choppers wre deployed to provide air support in the dense Boni forest in Lamu County where militias behind a series of attacks in the region are believed to be hiding.

Kenya Defence Forces jets bombed Boni forest in a bid to flush out the attackers.

Sporadic gunfire was heard as an elite security force led the operation to eliminate the elements behind the attacks that have so far claimed at least 80 lives.

Security personnel are intensifying their operations against the well organized criminals who have terrorized the region for the past one month.

The latest to face the wrath of the heavily armed militias is Jima Village, where the attackers held residents hostage, demanding to know the location of the Kenya security forces who were deployed in the region.

They later descended on a three acre maize plantation and harvested it before fleeing with their loot into the nearby forest.

Residents are now living in fear with many seeking refuge for fear of fresh attacks.