Lack of sanitary towels reduces school attendance says Kaimenyi

The Government has allocated Shs.400million in the financial year 2014/2015 to finance the sanitary towels programme in primary schools in the country, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi has said

Prof. Kaimenyi said thousands of girls kept away from school because they could not afford sanitary pads.

He spoke this during Kajiado County Education Day at Isinya Multipurpose Development Centre on Friday.

He challenged girls to value and pursues education to the highest levels attainable, saying early marriage stunted the potential women had.

At the same time, Prof. Kaimenyi said the Government will establish Special Needs Identification Centres throughout the Country to screen children.

The experts from the centres will look into the nature of the need of a child and make proposals for special support and provisions.

The Government would like to provide the needed support and special pedagogical assistance as early as possible in order to prevent the pupil’s academic failure and other negative developmental consequences, Prof. Kaimenyi noted.

He expressed concern that parents with children with disability hid them from the public, saying this denied them the chance to access some of the support programmes the Government and development partners had established.

Prof. Kaimenyi also advised teachers against forced repetition of children, saying the law outlawed forced repetition.

He underscored the importance of Technical, Vocational Education and Training, saying it provided a path for career growth and development similar to the academic and professional paths we have in the country.

He said technical education should be taken up by choice.

“Technical education is not for failures,” Kaimenyi observed.

Governor for Kajiado County, Dr. David K. Nkedianye expressed the need for proper supervision of curriculum management and delivery in schools, saying that poor supervision of teachers affected the quality of education in the country.

In attendance included to MP for Kajiado East constituency, Peris   Tobiko.