Lamu leaders call for arming of police reservists

By Carol Kamau/Kennedy Epalat 

Leaders from Lamu County now want the government to arm reservists in the area to protect locals from continued butchering.

The leaders say security officers have been overwhelmed by the attackers and its time locals are empowered to protect themselves.

Their sentiments came even as Tana River governor Hussein Dado called for a stop of slaughter fields of innocent Kenyans in the coastal town.

Dado says  resident are  raising concern  over the  lack of transparency on the findings of the   Justice Grace Nzioka led commission over the wanton killings that have claimed over  200 lives since last year.

The governor has called on the government to carry out thorough investigations in the Mpeketoni attack, which he alleged locals must have been involved in carrying out the massacre that led to the death of innocent Kenyans.

Dado has called on the youth in the area not to be polarized by politicians saying ultimately they will be the worst affected.

Dado has also called on the Cord leadership to respect the rule of law and instead engage the country and the government in constructive dialogue.

Meanwhile, Tana River county leaders are calling on the government to investigate and arrest those who may have direct links in killing innocent people in Mpeketoni.

Led by Tana River governor Hussein Dado the leaders condemned the act and promised to assist their neighbors where necessary.

The Governor noted that those who participated in Mpeketoni killings must be arrested and prosecuted saying nobody can commit such a crime in the name of a religion, adding that as a neighboring county they stand in solidarity to condemn the merciless killings and destruction of property.

Speaking at a fund raising ceremony in Garsen the governor said Tana river residents are also in shock especially after witnessing the deadly clashes that claimed over 200 lives within Tana delta region which led to the formation of a commission of enquiry led by Justice Grace Nzioka. He however called for the findings to be made public.

Dado also urged leaders to respect elected leaders and the President, maintaining that he will not agree nor support the move to attend public rallies called by CORD.

He however called on all Kenyans to respect their nation and engage in constructive dialogue as leaders and come up with one a gender without shouting at each other.

Tana River County member of parliament Halima Ware who is also a cord coalition member opposed the move by his party leaders to mark the July seventh as a public holiday saying Tana river residents must restrain from misguided politics and should continue with their daily activities.