Kenya celebrates 29th World AIDS day

Written By: Irene Muchuma

Kenya joined the rest of the world in marking the 29th World AIDS day amid encouraging milestones in the fight against HIV.

According to the Ministry of Health, mother to child infections have reduced by 53 percent over the last three years.

Hundreds comprising of the young and the not so young converged at the university of Nairobi graduation square to mark the world aids day.

Speaker after speaker lauding the progress made in reducing the spread of HIV.

While officiating the event, health Principal Secretary Julius Korir said that 72 percent of Kenyans have undertaken HIV test at least once with the stigma levels standing at 45 percent while new infections have reduced from 110,000 to 72,000.

The celebrations coming in the wake of positive developments with people living with HIV in Migori County being one of the regions with high prevalence rates, rekindling their hopes, thanks to availability of anti-retroviral drugs and health support services.

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Esther Atieno walks as a living example, a true spirit of defiance and resilience despite living with the virus for several years.

The mother of 4 believes that living with the virus should not be a recipe for hopelessness and anxiety, but a chance to reflect on the future with a positive attitude.

In Kiambu, it is the same script but different cast. Nahashion Mbuthia Irungu from Lari Sub County, Kiambu County has lived with the virus for the last 17 Years.

After the loss of his wife in 2003, Irungu struggled in raising his three children solely and understands the challenges so well.

Mbuthia called on the society to accommodate and support those living with the virus.

In Mandera County, one of the regions with the lowest prevalence rates, 3000 people are infected with the HIV Virus.

According to statistics, 82 new infection cases are reported annually with calls for more HIV education programmes gaining momentum.

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In Tharakanithi, area Governor Muthomi Njuki has called for new approaches in the fight against the spread of HIV among the youth.


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