Kenyans should never shed blood because of politics, says Uhuru



President Uhuru Kenyatta has said Kenyans will at no time again shed blood because of political competition.

The President said as the country marks the 38th anniversary of the death of the country’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kenyans need to embrace the strong legacy left behind by the pioneers and make positive contributions for a better country.

The Head of State was speaking Monday at the memorial service for the founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, at the Holy Family Minor Basilica in Nairobi. The service was presided over by Rt. Rev. David Kamau, the Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi Catholic Archdiocese.

President Kenyatta said as the country prepares for the next General Election, political competition should be based on programs and ideology not unnecessary issues.

He pointed out that Mzee Kenyatta and other pioneers struggled to liberate the country so as to make it better for all Kenyans.

“We are all Kenyans, we are one people of one nation, political competition should not divide and create enmity among us,” said the President.

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The President challenged Kenyans to strive to make positive contribution to the development of the country regardless of their position in life.

“Positions are not permanent, we will at one time all go. What will we be remembered for after we are gone?” the President asked.

He urged all Kenyans to carry on with the dream and aspirations of the country’s pioneers by championing good causes.

Former Prime Minister and CORD leader Raila Odinga, who also attended the commemoration service, echoed President Kenyatta’s call saying Kenyans should never again fight because of political competition.

“Political competition should not bring enmity between our people. As we get into campaigning never again should we shed blood because of political competition,” he said.

He narrated his interactions with the founding father since his childhood, saying he paid a heavy price to liberate Kenya.

Earlier, the President led the family members and senior Government officials in laying wreaths at the mausoleum of the late President.

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