NASA CEO Magaya facing charges as Govt ban demos

Written By: Hunja Macharia

The Government will prefer charges on the National Super Alliance Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya for the chaos witnessed during anti-IEBC demonstrations.  

The Government has also banned demonstrations within the Central business district in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa Counties for now.

Acting interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi said while they recognize the freedom and rights for any Kenyan to picket, assemble or demonstrate, scenes witnessed during the recent anti-IEBC demonstrations will not be tolerated.

He said Magaya will bear responsibility of protests held by NASA last week, saying he is the one who notified the police of their intention to hold the protests.

Matiangi said during the said protests, there were serious cases of looting, vandalizing of vehicles, and destruction of property by the said NASA supporters.

He has now called on those who lost property, or had their vehicles vandalized or were assaulted to report to Central police station for the Government to take action.

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Matiangi said it is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that the demonstration remains peaceful and that the actions of the protesters don’t infringe on the rights of other Kenyans.

He said organizers will be held personally liable for any breach of law during the protests.

The CS says they are waiting for documentation of all the incidents and extent of looting during the protests before preferring charges on Magaya.

Matiangi was categorical that while Kenyans have a right to protest they must enjoy this right accordingly and within the law.

In this regard he said he will gazette regulations that will henceforth govern such processions and those who go against them shall face the full wrath of the law.

He urged politicians to be tolerant saying those out to shed blood, hurt innocent people and paralyze business in the Country shall be dealt with without fear or favour.

The Cabinet Secretary thanked the majority of Kenyans who have remained peaceful during the electioneering period and urged them to maintain peace during and after the election.

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He said it is the responsibility of the Government to protect Kenyans and their property, saying they will not negotiate with criminals disguised as protesters.

He said they have consulted the Kenya Private business Alliance who have expressed concerns on the ongoing demonstrations and called on the Government to take necessary measures to curb them.

Matiangi says they will prefer charges to all those who have organized demonstrations that have turned chaotic.

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