MP presents bill to reduce elective posts

By Kevin Wachira

Mutambu will have an uphill task to convince parliament to support his course (FILE)

Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu has presented his constitutional amendment bill to the budget committee seeking to reduce the number of elective posts.

The Wage reduction bill wants to remove the seats of women representatives, reduce the number of commissions in the country among other issues.

But to achieve some aspects in the bill it will require a referendum and Mutambu will have an uphill task to convince parliament to support his course.

While appearing before the parliamentary budget and appropriations committee to present the content of  his constitution amendment bill, Mutambu defended his ideology to reduce the current number of counties from 47 to 8-10 saying the move would save the taxpayer over 14Billion shillings.

The Bill further proposes the scrapping of Article 81 (b) of the Constitution that provides for the one-third gender rule.

However members expressed strong reservations against the reduction of counties terming the idea as anti-devolution.

Though some members felt the reduction of counties was unnecessary, opinion was divided on reduction of number of nomination slots both at county and national level.

The budget committee appeared to support some of the proposed provisions including reduction of independent commission and their membership.

The members also feel the current form of administration at county level has been marred with duplication of duties hence the need to relook at management of devolution.

If adopted and enacted Mutambu’s proposal, might see the positions of women representatives scrapped but this will have to be subjected to a referendum