MPs now propose CDF be raised to sh100m

By Marion Kanari

Members of Parliament are pushing to have the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) budget allocations raised to a minimum of 100M shillings per constituency.

In a report of the joint sittings of the Committees on Delegated Legislation and CDF, MPs are also faulting the CDF regulations published by devolution cabinet secretary Ann Waiguru citing lack of clear guidelines on the removal of Constituency Development Fund Committee members and are proposing that the Fund accounting managers’ report to the committee through its Chairman.

Members of Parliament also took issue with the regulations published by Devolution secretary Ann Waiguru and want a greater say in the removal of members of CDF committees.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa however called for an amendment to the CDF regulations to have the fund’s accounting managers currently appointed by the CDF board be answerable to the committee through the CDF chairmen.

Meanwhile the Senate has unanimously voted for the political parties amendment bill 2014 sponsored by Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale.

28 Senators voted in favour of bill that seeks to provide for the distribution of funds to all political parties that win at least one elective constituency seat in parliament.

The bill further proposes that the total number of votes garnered by a presidential candidate in an election should not be used to determine how the funds are distributed.

Elsewhere, Civil Society organizations have opposed some of the proposed amendments in the Public Benefits Organizations Act as currently captured in the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2014.

The Civil Socity argues that some of the proposals if adopted would compromise the independence and effectiveness of the nongovernmental organisations.

Addressing the press in Nairobi Tuesday afternoon, the NGO council Chief Executive officer Kevinnah Loyatum said that the powers to appoint and remove the Chairperson and the Director General should not be vested in the President and the Cabinet Secretary.

Loyatum said the executive should not play a direct role in the appointment of the Public Benefits Organizations Board members. He argued that the power of the   Public Benefits Organizations Board to remove the director General from should be retained.

He added that they also want the commencement date for Act stated among other things. He appealed to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs to give them audience.