Nyachae says constitution has established institutions


The chairman of the Constitution Implementation Committee (CIC) Mr. Charles Nyachae has cautioned some opposition leaders for attempting to sabotage the constitution in their effort to have dialogue with the government.

Mr. Nyachae made it clear that the constitution has established institutions   through which any outstanding issues should be resolved adding that any aggrieved parties should follow the laid down constitution by making  use of these institutions.

The CIC chairman expressed concern that some leaders in the country were behaving as if there is no constitution adding ignoring national institutions and seeking other avenues to resolve national issues  was a recipe for chaos.

“We are behaving as if there is no constitution in this country, there is the national assembly and the senate to spearhead any dialogue that some people are clamouring for. If they do not take on this responsibility which  is constitutionally theirs then Kenyans will ask whether we need them,” he posed.

Mr. Nyanchae was speaking  on Sunday at SDA Rimpa church in Ongata Rongai, where the Deputy President William Ruto officiated at a fund raiser in aid of the church. Ruto gave shs.1.5 million including shs. 500,000 from President Kenyatta.

He criticized some leaders who supported the constitution when it suited them and rejected provisions of the constitution when it did not saying if Kenyans don’t follow the constitution they will be pulling in different directions to the detriment of the country.

Addressing the congregation, Deputy President  re-emphasized that  mass action, demonstrations and dividing Kenyans along tribal lines will not work in this country  saying  after elections Kenyans were  now inclined towards development than empty rhetoric.

Mr. Ruto recalled that in 2007/8 Kenyans  walked  the route  of violence    with dire consequences adding  no one  in their right mind would be  willing to  take that route again.

Mr. Ruto noted that all the opposition leaders were in government only last year and did not make much impact on the lives of the people adding  that  even  their clamour for dialogue  had nothing new. “If it is saba saba we heard it twenty years ago, these demonstrates that they have nothing new to tell Kenyans,” he said.

Saying that Kenyans should be ready for a  change   the Deputy President added, “We will not spent our time in useless controversies  but in taking the country to another level.”

He   enumerated some of the projects  the government was undertaking in its efforts to change the country, noting that 10,000 kilometres of tarmacked road will be constructed in the next five years, 10,000 police recruits are to be enlisted to beef up security and  that they will be equipped with modern equipment to combat  crime  more effectively.

Members of Parliament who spoke at the function including Kimani Ichungwa of Kikuyu, Malulu Injendi of Malava , Moses ole Sakuda of Kajiado west and his counterpart from Kajiado North Moses Manje supported Mr. Nyanchae noting  that the senate and the national assembly would seize of the dialogue matter  and give it a sense of direction.