Panari, Nairobi, is the close, fancy weekend getaway you’ve been looking for this Easter

A view of Panari from the outside. Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

Want to get away for the weekend? Do you want to spend the holiday with someone special or with the family at a place close by but still fancy? Well, the Panari Hotel, Nairobi located along Mombasa road and minutes away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport might be your to go destination this Easter Holiday. Here’s why.

One stop destination

Panari is basically designed for the city dweller or business executive but that doesn’t mean that it’s unsuitable for the pleasure traveller. The atmosphere within the hotel is nothing if not welcoming, and once you step into the main hall, it’s easy to forget the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

A view of the Industrial Park from the 11th floor of the Panari Hotel. Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

Within its walls the Panari hotel Nairobi is home to various offices including a few travel companies – which is perfect if you want to change your mind and fly out to some other destination – a movie theatre, an ice skating rink, a spa and gym, a restaurant and a coffee house and whole section dubbed Kids city offering activities such as a jumping castle, animal rides, air hockey, trampoline, among others.

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This means that for the duration of your stay, you never have to set foot outside the hotel’s walls if you don’t want to. Not only does the Anga Imax cinema cater to all your entertainment needs but the ice rink and the kid’s city offers all the entertainment and fun activities your kids would need.

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Your aim this Easter should be to drown out the city noise, and Panari is well equipped to make that happen.

Designed for relaxation

Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

I could call this section, room and board, and proceed to talk about Panari’s 5-star luxurious and comfortable rooms but that would be an injustice to the rooms.

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The rooms, which in all honesty have earned the right to be referred to as suites, are immaculately designed. The Royal Jade suite, notice the use of the word suite, and the presidential suite, are genuinely designed for relaxation. But the biggest take away here is that the suites, especially the presidential one offers a sense of grandeur. They have the ability to make you feel like you’re important, not royalty, but high enough in the chain to feel as if you have the right to walk on airs. And who doesn’t want that?

Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

Eat and drink till you drop

Lunch served at the Black Gold Cafe. Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

Haven’t you heard? Eating is all the rage now. Look, the point of a getaway is to relax, yes, but no one wants to starve while relaxing. The Black Gold café has diverse options for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I would recommend having lunch and dinner at the Black Gold café and walking across to the Amber Coffee shop for breakfast or an afternoon snack. If you’d like a drink stronger than coffee or juice, you can order an adult beverage of your choice from the bar. And for an evening out, read clubbing, you can take a lift to the Shooters and Dips Night Club.

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Photo by Jackson Mnyamwezi

Before you leave…

Try out the Dolphin spa and gym, just the lobby to this very exclusive member’s only area will get you in the right kind of mood.


And one more thing, if you do, indeed, decide to make Panari, Nairobi your Easter getaway, make a point of gazing out your hotel window in the early hours of the morning and see whether you can spot a lion or two roaming around at the Nairobi National Park. Oh yes, the hotel has a direct line of sight into the park. Did I forget to mention that?



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