Radio Taifa 92.9FM

In defining Kenya’s legacy and heritage the power, responsive and seamless radio taifa is the reference point. The station cuts across all genders, ages, class stratification and borders. We are the only radio station with a national reach available on four platforms i.e medium wave, FM, the internet and satellite.
Radio Taifa launched its transmissions in 1953 having been hived off English service which hitherto was part of the colonial efforts to inform the national publics on the post war situation in Kenya. The station was then known as Kenya Broadcasting service Kiswahili. This station has evolved through the times and lived to its billing as both the national station transmitting its signal beyond the borders. Throughout its lifetime, Radio Taifa has transformed itself to meet ever changing audience demands. Through the times we have transmitted on various frequencies initially short wave, then combined short wave and medium wave before installing the crystal clear FM. We however still maintain the Medium Wave frequency transmission in selected parts of the country whose terrain and topography can only handle signals on a Medium wave platform. We are geared towards transmitting on the completely digital platform by 2015. Previous brand names for the station were Sauti ya Kenya, Idhaa ya Taifa and now Radio Taifa.


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5:00 am- 10:00 am Fast and interactive show promoting decorum, family values, empowerment and piousness.  Serious messages delivered with a light touch.
Properties: Kuamshana, Kina dada live live, Unaidakia wapi, Tunayoamkia, Sema na kiongozi wako, Magazetini Kwa majirani zetu, Chabanga chabanga, Barabarani, mbwembwe za viongozi,Wastaafu, Taifa asubuhi, Tafsiri ya siku, Swala Ibuka, Taifa Darasani, Zingamix, Ulizaliwa lini? Ungwana,
Entertaining,  educative and informative


Bonnie Musambi
Cynthia Anyango
Ole Matope

10:00 am- 02:00 pm Moderate speed and less interactive show for  defined by talk and contemporary rumba music from across the continent
Properties: Magazeti ya Afrika, Semi za Afrika, Gwiji wa Afrika, Spoti za Afrika, Mdahalo Afrika, Ziara ya Afrika, Waliosifika barani, Tatu za Injili Barani


Edmond Salasya

TOP MASHARIKI Fast paced youth music and talk from countries forming the East African Community.
Properties: Msanii Bomba, Mheshimiwa, Msanii Ibuka, Habari za wasanii, Wasifu wa msanii, Msanii wa siku, Msanii wa wiki, Ngoma ya siku, Spoti adhuhuri


2.00  pm – 4.00 pm We play music that takes you to the heart of the Reggae genre from Dancehall to The Wailers.


Jeff Mwangemi
Fanuel Odera
4.00 pm- 8.00 pm Moderate then slower interactive show with highlights on events that defined the day. Topic of discussion is light and of human interest devoid of high voltage politics
Properties:Matukio ya leo, Chemsha Bongo, Zungumza usikike, Barabarani, Lipi la kwako, Vimbwanga, Nyaunyo na zulia la Raba,
Ole Matope mjuaji.
The type of music played is Rhumba.


Ken Indimuli
Asha Juma

8.00 pm- midnight .Slower educative and informative day part laced with more talks programming addressing child parenting, relationship and marriage.
Properties: Ushauri Nasaha Malezi, matineja na ndoa, zilizopendwa


Geoffrey Kwatemba
Joyce Kahiga
8.00 pm- midnight Frid- Top Mashariki extra targeting the 20 year olds
New generation music
Properties: kizazi kipya zilizovuma, Taarifa za Burudani, Pumzi ya msanii, Uko wapi?Bambwa,, Mada, Chipukizi, Mix, Miziki mipya, request

Kazungu Mwinyi

Monday- Thursday Fast interactive show with mixed music tastes
Properties:Sajili ya Taifa, Midundo ya Radio Taifa, Jukwaa lako, Ombi lako,

Lore (Mon, Tue,Wed)
Kabisae (Thursday)

6.00 am- 10.00 am Fast and interactive show with information and entertainment. Package has week’s news events among them comical incidents.
Properties:Swahili Lingala music,Uko wapi,Vijimambo, Wiki hii katika bunge, Matukio ya wiki, Watoto wa Taifa, Wajue wanamuziki

Edmond Salasya


10.00 am – 2.00 pm Moderate pace. Informative, educative and entertaining day part with Rumba forming 80% of music and light educational yet inspiration talk except in news defining the speech segment
Properties: Tukio la wiki, Maajabu ya wiki, Je Huu ni Uungwana, Dira ya Kaunti, Ratili ya raba,Vituko vya Mureithi


Jeff Mwangemi
Becky Cherotich

2.00 pm- 5.00 pm We play music that takes you to the heart of the Reggae genre from modern roots to oldies.
Properties: Modern roots

Fanuel Odera

5.30 pm- 8.00 pm Local and international sports events for the past week, with a guest appearance, star profile and county reports. We also transmit live local and international football matches.
Hip hop


Dismas Otuke

8.00 pm- midnight Mix of slow and fast diverse national blend of music with informative programs. Bonding among defense forces and appreciation of KDF by Kenyans.


Omuga Kabisae

Midnight- 5.00 am This show showcases the best of Reggae instrumentals and lyrics.


Lore Loolio

5 am- 10 am Fast paced yet soothing educative, informative and entertaining interactive gospel show.
Properties: Namba ya mwamba, wabarikiwe, Yaliyo magazetini, Classics, Rindimo la kisasa, Leo katika historian a habari za Kikristo, Salamu za mwamba, Vioja vya maumbile,Safari ya Biblia, Ukumbi wa Baraka, Msanii wa leo.
10.00 am – 2.00 pm Moderate pace. Informative, educative and entertaining day part with Rumba forming 80% of music and light educational yet inspiration talk except in news defining the speech segment
Properties: Tukio la wiki, Maajabu ya wiki, Je Huu ni Uungwana, Dira ya Kaunti, Ratili ya raba,Vituko vya Mureithi

Jeff Mwangemi
Becky Cherotich

2.00 pm- 4.00 pm Like much of the Swahili culture, taarab began in the Kenyan port of Lamu but today our Kwa Raha zangu is popular across borders courtesy of various transmission modes. We play classical and modern taarab lyrics that explore romance and marriage, which has endeared the show to all our listeners.


Khadija Ali

4.00 pm- 8.00 pm Local and international sports events for the past week, with a guest appearance, star profile and county reports. We also transmit live local and international football matches.
Hip hop

Isaac Lemoka

8.00 pm- midnight Music has traditionally been a distinctive feature of Kenyan ethnic groups and the show positively utilizes local music in local dialects for national cohesion. This show is ideal for the listener who is keen on being taken on a countrywide musical journey and at the same time sampling virtues enshrined in the culture of the peoples of Kenya. For the aged it evokes nostalgia.


Omuga Kabisae

Midnight to 5am
We play the best hip hop and rock music from the West.
Properties: Hip Hop, Rock, sms requests

Becky Cherotich


Martin King’asia
Head of Radio Taifa
Martin King’asia has been the Chief Radio Producer and head of Radio Taifa since 2009. He is also a renowned radio producer and prime time radio news presenter at the station. Prior to being appointed to head the national service, he was head of the station’s current affairs section between 2005 and 2008. He holds a Diploma in Radio Production (KIMC, Nairobi- 1991) , an advanced professional training in news and current affairs/computer aided radio (Cologne, Germany-1997) and several assorted certificates in Broadcast journalism and Management. He previously worked for the BBC Kiswahili Service in London between 1999 and 2001. He has developed his broadcast experience through travel, work and training in the United States of America, Germany, Britain, Belgium, France, Israel and Switzerland.

Mr King’asia is the UN in Kenya person of the year 2010-2011. He was conferred this coveted title following his professional engagement in propagating Millenium Development Goals through a Radio Programme “Timiza Ahadi” which he co-produced with the UN’s Irene Mwakesi.
Martin believes in the power of the radio to reach the wider public, inform and educate every listener.

Jamila Kasalu
Assistant Head of Radio Taifa
Jamila  Ndinda Kasalu  is a senior radio producer.
Has vast experience in radio production after serving in this profession for almost two decades. She began her career in 1988.Her  programmes cover a wide spectrum of issues  related to HIV/AIDS , ranging from testing,stigma, home based care for People living with HIV and treatment for AIDS orphans.Presently ,she is  integrating HIV/AIDS into Reproductive health.Throughout her career she has attended various workshops on health, gender relations, agriculture and environment.She has also attended several courses with INTERNEWS Kenya on HIV/AIDS and peace building and conflict resolutions.

Bonny Musambi
Bonnie whose music talent manifested at the age of two, joined Kisasi Secondary school in 1997-2000 where his achievements begun. He became the school choir leader while in form three where he took the choir to National Level for the first time until the school hired him after completing his secondary course. He was also the drama club founder, actor, poet and play-Wright. In 1999, he was appointed the school captain.
After high school, Bonnie joined Mombasa Polytechnic University College and attained a Diploma in Mass Communication and was employed at KBC in 2008.
He does breakfast show (ZINGA LA ASUBUHI) and anchors 7pm news on KBC Channel 1.
He is also a renowned MC for the corporation. He has undergone numerous trainings at KBC-Commonwealth broadcasting Association, Internews, International criminal court-The Hague among others. He lists radio presentation, Music (GAFA B), and Imitation as some of his talents.
Bonnie likes dancing Lingala, travelling and he is a Chelsea fan.

Cynthia Anyango
Born in Kwale County and studied my primary and Secondary education in the same County.
I later joined The Mombasa Polytechnic University College in 2005 where I did a Diploma in Radio Production.
Currently I am pursuing a  B.A in Communication and PR in the University of Nairobi. I  Co-present Zinga la Asubuhi with Bonny Musambi which is the number one show currently doing very well in the country.
I like listening to music and dancing, telling stories, making new friends and travelling.
I am talented dancer.

Jeff Mwangemi
Reggea Vibes
We play music that takes you to the heart of the Reggae genre from Dance hall to The Wailers.

She has a Diploma in   Mass Communication from the East African School of Media Studies (EASMS) .
Currently she is pursuing B.A in Communication and Journalism at Kenya Methodist University.
Beackie co-presents the raba raba show every Saturday and Sunday 10-2pm with Jeff Mwangemi.She also presents “Midundo ya Majuu” show every Sunday night  12am  to dawn.
Beackie loves reading books, reading the Bible, swimming, adventure and singing.

Junior Dread
Reggae Vibes

We play music that takes you to the heart of the Reggae genre from Dancehall to The Wailers.

Kazungu Mwinyi
Pepea Express
Fast interactive youth show defined by talk and contemporary music transiting from from Kenya, East Africa then Africa

Edmonds Salasya
Since primary school Edmond dreamt to work in the media and thank God it happened. He went to Lubinu high school in western Kenya thereafter joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication KIMC   in 2001 for a diploma in Journalism. After graduation he went through several media houses for industrial attachment.
In the year 2006 he was recruited on contract after which the management confirmed him as a   permanent employee.
Currently Edmond presents the mid-morning show called Pepea Africa that dwells on African content and music and Taifa jumamosi a morning show every Saturday.
He enjoys doing his work when  listeners are well  entertained and informed.

Omuga Kabisae

Lore Loolio
Pambo la Radio Taifa

An educative show with talks addressing child parenting, relationship and marriage

Mambo Mbotela
Je Huu ni Uuungwana?

The legendary Mambo Mbotela admonishes detestable behaviors and actions in a civilized society.



Ali Salim M’Mang
Matangazo ya Mpira na Ulimwengu wa Muziki
Ali Salim M’manga today’s face of soccer broadcasting in Kenya teams up with other extremely talented broadcasters in bringing you live footballing action commentaries from local and foreign stadiums.


Dismas Otuke
Ukumbi wa Michezo

Dismas takes youround local and international sporting venues with the latest and live action


Geoffrey Kwatemba
Pambo la taifa show from 8pm-12midnight that deals mostly with family issues from child birth to marriage
Presents the sunday gospel show-MWAMBA WA BARAKA from 5am-10am
Has worked for Sema radio,Sayare radio,Biblia  husema broadcasting and Mulembe FM of royal media services before joining KBC on 1st june 2013
He holds a degree in communication and media from Kisii university-constituent of Egerton  University
Is a holder of diploma in journalism and communication under the ICM Bodyhas undergone other media trainings under inter news and media council.Has certificates in human resource and pharmacy.
Kwatemba is a father,jovial man and likes making friends singing and swimming.

Radio  Taifa presenters  enjoying the moment

 Radio Taifa Presenter  Bonny Musambi  leading fans to a delicious  meal in one of the City hotels

Reggae Vibes presenter Junior Dread taking to the stage in a Radio Taifa Reggea Night event