Review education systems, CS Amina urges leaders

Cabinet Secretary Amb. Amina Mohamed has called upon governments in the Great Lakes Region to review education systems with a view to ensuring they equip the youth with skills necessary for gainful employment.

The CS noted that one of the major causes of high unemployment in the Great Lakes region is the mismatch between educational systems and the skills needed in the labour market.

This, she said, can only be corrected by ensuring the education offered is relevant to the needs of the labour market.

“One of the key priorities for us today, therefore, is to rethink our education systems,” said the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Cabinet Secretary.

Speaking at Villa Rosa, Kempinski, during the ICGLR Special Summit on youth unemployment, the CS underlined the need for African governments to emulate international best standards in education.

“In particular, we should, from early childhood education to universities, endeavor to study approaches that have produced results in other countries and benchmark our models against such best practices,” she said.

The CS further underlined the need to internationalize the education curriculum without losing sight of the unique educational needs of the region.

“Additionally, in an increasingly inter-connected world, we must modernize and continually review our curriculum paying attention not only to our unique needs as a region but also to the body of knowledge and skills that will drive economies in the world now and in the foreseeable future.”

CS Amina pointed out that the fate of nations depends on the education of the youth saying “the youth we are discussing here today will be the principal actors on the political, economic and social stage of our countries in the years ahead.”

“Our region’s future – the state of employment, peace, stability and economic development – will therefore be profoundly shaped by how we educate the youth today,” she added.

Noting that Africa is the only home the youth have, the CS impressed on young people the need to be loyal to their continent and to “deploy the passion, the energy and the drive that they alone have to the achievement of the vision of the African renaissance and the affirmation of the dignity of Africans.”

The CS emphasized that the provision of relevant skills and knowledge coupled with a strong focus on the character development of the youth is the only way the region can enable the youth access gainful employment and develop into responsible citizens on whom the future of Africa can be safely entrusted.


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  1. Phillip Methew
    July 24, 2014

    Well it is a good decision made by the government to review the education education system .This will result in the improvement of the shortcomings in the education system as it always have some