Ruto assures on national security


Deputy President William Ruto (FILE)

Deputy President William Ruto has assured that violence will not erupt in the country despite heightened political activity.

Ruto said himself and President Uhuru Kenyatta had undertaken to ensure that no Kenyan community takes up arms against  another on account of political competition.

Noting that violence was not a panacea to the ills afflicting the society, the Deputy President urged leaders to approach challenges as one united people so as to  resolve issues  with sobriety and take this country forward.

He asked Kenyans not to worry about political rhetoric  from some politicians  that could inflame passions, saying  the politicians had a right  under the country’s expanded freedom of speech to say what they like.

He added that the government was resolute on its mandate to deliver to the people of Kenya and such talk will not derail that resolve.

“Do not be overly worried about those planning meetings or talking at public forums, they are free to do so but that won’t derail Government’s mandate to deliver. Violence, chaos and all forms of troubles are behind us, no Kenyan will ever walk that route again” he said

Ruto was speaking Sunday at St. Mary’s catholic church, Ongata Rongai  where  he joined the congregation  for a Sunday mass.

Noting that all Kenyans had a role to play in the development of the country, the Deputy President said they are  ready and willing to work with all leaders  irrespective of their political, religious or party affiliation.

“Once elections are concluded leaders should close ranks and concentrate on issues that will improve the lives of Kenyans. We must address the issue of our roads, agriculture, education  and  improvement of general infrastructure in the country  and lessen political rhetoric that is of no benefit for the people,” he added.

He said, “Leaders should however ask themselves whether what they are saying is building or destroying the country.”

He pointed out that no leader was elected by mistake adding that all leaders were elected to their offices by the grace of God and the peoples’ votes. “ They should therefore be given the opportunity to deliver on their election pledges,” he emphasized.

The Deputy President at the same time commended governors for doing a good  job noting that in the one year they have been in office county governments have acquitted themselves well.

“We shall continue to support devolution   so that  the county governments  can  have sufficient resources to continue with the good work,” he  said.

Ruto announced that the perennial traffic jams leading to Nairobi will soon be a thing of the past as plans were underway to dual  the road to Ongata Rongai and ease the snarl ups.

He also said a modern sewerage system will be built in the town and that all the roads leading to the town’s estate will be tarmacked  to make the town more accessible and attractive  to investors.

Other leader who spoke at the function included Kajiado Governor David Ngedianye, Senator Peter  ole Mositet, Kajiado north MP Moses Manje, his Kajiado west counterpart Moses ole Sakuda, Malaba MP Malulu Injendi and Kikuyu   MP Kimani Ichungwa.

They lauded the government for its steady fast determination in steering the affairs of this country noting  other than the general development doting the country  security had improved tremendously  the county .

They condemned some leaders whose pronouncements and activities were not in consonant with the aspirations of the rest of Kenyans  noting that a majority of Kenyans supported the government and  will  ensure that it delivered  on its mandate.