Stop politicking always serve Kenyans, retired President tells leaders

By Kibaki Press

Former President Mwai Kibaki has urged political leaders in the country to work together and avoid divisive politics so as to serve Kenyans effectively.

He said no meaningful development will be realised through mere talks but when the leaders comes together and focus on ways of alleviating the living standards for all Kenyans.

The retired President therefore asked the leaders to tone down their political rhetoric and instead engage in constructive ways that will benefit the people who require their services.

The former President further observed that tribal politics will not in any way tackle the many challenges facing the people in the country and stressed the need for leaders to work together.

The former head of state made the remarks on Friday when he commissioned Lerujat water borehole at Ole Tinga area in Kajiado West constituency, Kajiado County.

He noted that the country is endowed with many resources but the biggest challenge is finding ways of persuading the people to become actively involved in exploiting them.

“Kenya is a land of both opportunity and abundance. The challenge, however, is in finding ways of persuading our people to become actively involved in the exploitation of these resources and converting them into wealth,” the retired President said.

He further urged the Kenyans to be more creative in the ways they utilize the available resources in order to maximally tap their benefits.

“My plea to every one of us is to scale up our resolve to become more creative with what we have been given and to deploy that which we have to the best use possible,” the retired President noted.

In regard to the Lerujat water point, the former President appreciated the assistance from the donor -Water for All- to the local community that he added has gone a long way in transforming their lives.

He said consistent supply of water to the Maasai community has transformed their lives as they have access to water for their personal use and for their animals at all times.

The former head of state noted: “Over the last one and a half decades, the progress made is visible to all. In recent years, the borehole which has transformed the life and fortunes of this place is operated on electric power, making the supply of water more reliable than ever before.”

He added that the availability of the water supply has therefore contributed enormously to the transformation of both the quality of life and livelihoods in this locality.

“I am confident that for years to come the community that lives in this area will find ways of taking even greater advantage of this resource and expand the range of economic activities to further improve their modernisation and development, the former President added.

Speaking during the occasion Chairman, Millennium Water Alliance Mr. Malcom Morris said his organisation is in the forefront in ensuring that Kenyans have access to quality and safe water.

In his part, Kajiado West MP Moses Ole Sakuda recognized the various development projects the former President initiated while in power and further urged political leaders to emulate him.