Supreme Court reinstates Anami as Shinyalu MP

Shinyalu MP Silverse Anami Lisamula

By Beatrice Gatonye

Silverse Anami Lisamula has regained his Shinyalu parliamentary seat.

The Supreme Court Wednesday quashed the decision by Court of Appeal to nullify the election of Anami citing lack of substantive grounds to remove the MP.

The Court of Appeal sitting in Kisumu had nullified the election of Anami as Shinyalu MP.

Three Appellate judges had ruled that there was violence in Shinyalu on the eve of March 4 polls that affected the outcome of the election dismissing the decision which had been arrived earlier by The High Court in Kakamega that had upheld Lisamula’s election.

In the ruling the Supreme Court arrived at a conclusion that the Court of Appeal lacked jurisdiction in making the ruling.