Team Ouko wins Mount Kenya Bush race

Photo by AFP

By Buckley Fedha

Team Ouko was crowned champion of the Mount Kenya Bush race, an event that was introduced for the first time, during the 3rd edition of the KESAL Mount Kenya Extreme Sports challenge held over the weekend.

The bush race was introduced by the organizers to take the place of the half marathon with the aim of strictly making the challenge a team event.

Unlike the half marathon where athletes compete for 21 kilometres of a flat surface, the bush race is a 12 kilometre race with obstacles lined up along the way.

Athletes go through a pool of water, crawl on a muddy ground and jump over logs stationed on their way to covering the 12 kilometers.

In addition, athletes did not compete as individuals but in teams and an average finish position of all teams is done and the winners determined on average score.

Team KWS was to good going through the barriers and their speed on the stretch earned them victory in the newly introduced category that saw the postponement of the half marathon until next year.

The extreme adventure, another event where participants go through a series of events, was won by team AP who beat seven other teams, including a team of students from the Mount Kenya University, to the crown.