Translated Kiswahili version of Tobacco Act 2007 launched

The Tobacco Control Board in partnership with Kiambu County Government has launched a translated Kiswahili version of the Tobacco Act of 2007.

The translated version is geared towards sensitizing the public on the contents of the law and the dangers associated with smoking, as part of a wider campaign to discourage tobacco use.

Kiambu county secretary, Francis Kitema, projected that within the next five years the public will be more aware of the dangers associated with the use of tobacco following intensified campaigns to create awareness.

He pointed out that despite tobacco being a cash crop for some communities, its long term effects were dangerous.

Tobacco Control Board Director, Irene Wanyoike, pointed out that the public has the leeway to challenge the legality of the act, citing the Bill of Rights chapter in the constitution which guarantees the public the right to quality healthcare.

At the same time she pointed out that  tobacco has been rated among the leading causes of death among its consumers with about 6 million people dying globally as a result of tobacco use.